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Q & A

Where can I have my party?

Pretty much anywhere! Wild Child can come to your home, your church, a community center, a park, a restaurant…almost anywhere you can host a party. While most places welcome outside entertainers, please be sure to double check with your venue. If in doubt, just ask—either us or your chosen venue. Stay tuned, we’re working on a listing of local places for parties!

Does Wild Child Face & Body Art have a store front?

Since we go where the parties are, not at this time. But we certainly won’t rule out the possibility of a future one-stop party place/body art salon!

What does Wild Child bring to my party?

Wild Child brings everything necessary for the services requested. Tables and chairs are always a part of our kit as well. The only thing we require is a sheltered place to set up if your event is located outdoors. We can provide a 10 x 10 tent at no additional charge for events longer than 4 hours, or for an additional set-up/tear-down fee for shorter events.

How much does it cost to hire a Wild Child artist?

Wild Child charges by the hour, with a one-hour minimum. Additional artists can be added at a lower hourly rate. Mileage applies to locations 25+ miles outside of downtown Lynchburg. We currently charge a low mileage rate, one-way only. Call for details.

How many faces/designs can Wild Child do in one hour?

We promise 10-14 full faces an hour, with many more possible, depending on the faces requested. Odd or extremely detailed requests are enjoyed and honored, but will often take longer. Keep in mind that ‘just a little design’ on the face may certainly take longer than a brilliant full-face. Have you ever tried painting Sponge Bob or Lightning McQueen on a squirmy 4-year old? ☺

Glitter tattoos vary wildly from 10-50 designs an hour or more. Again, the more detailed, the longer they will take.

Ditto for Henna. 10-12 medium designs are typical in one hour. Two hands or two feet in an hour. One sleeve an hour. Again, it’s all in the details.

Belly Painting-we charge by the belly, not the time, but please allow at least one hour for a design to be completed.

Can you come and paint just one face for a party I’m going to?

Sometimes…depending on our schedule. While we charge around $5-$10 a face at festivals, you can expect to pay at least $25 for us to come to you for one design. We suggest getting a few of your friends together to make it worthwhile and get the most out of our visit. Please call for details.

Can Wild Child do both face painting and henna at my party? (Or any other combination of services?)

We will work with you to plan your perfect event. While we typically do not switch back and forth between services, we can certainly split time—for example, ½ hour of face paint, then ½ hour of glitter tattoos. If henna is also requested, we will only start henna designs after face painting is complete, so no henna will accidentally stain faces.

“I’m having a henna party for my daughter, but I don’t know if the other girls’ parents will approve…”

Since henna is quite long-lasting, and cannot be removed until it naturally fades, make sure your friends’ parents are in the know. Click on the link for permission slips, send them with the invitations, and if anyone underage comes without a signed slip, we’ll still give them a great design—but in removable glitter tattoo format.

Can Wild Child come to my party this weekend?

It’s always worth a phone call to check, however we suggest at least a month’s notice to secure your preferred time and date. Some dates fill up as much as a year in advance, especially around major holidays like Halloween, Memorial Day and 4th of July. Plan ahead as much as possible!

Can Wild Child twist balloons or clown for us too?

Nope! Our specialty is body art of all kinds…but check under “The Wild Tribe” for info on other fine entertainers we work with often in the area.

Does Wild Child offer discounts for fundraisers or non-profit organizations?

Typically, no. But never fear! We have a whole list of great suggestions on how you can recoup the cost of hiring Wild Child, or secure donations from your sponsors to cover our fees. We know you’ll find it’s well worth it to have great quality entertainment for your event!

If you have any other questions, please feel free to call, e-mail or send in our e-form. We’d love to hear from you!