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Meet The Wild Child Tribe


Niki Rowland, the founder of Wild Child Face & Body Art, is a long-time Lynchburg area resident and an award-winning artist in many mediums including painting, costuming, sculpting and writing.  Niki has been face painting professionally since the summer of 2005.

Before launching Wild Child, Niki worked extensively teaching and leading groups of all ages—from pre-school to adults.  While living in Tidewater, Virginia, Niki worked in the Education Department of Norfolk Botanical Garden where she created and taught workshops for Boy and Girl Scout groups and K-12th graders.  She also served as a camp counselor for summer and holiday camps and led NBG’s family camp-out program.

In addition, Niki has been a summer camp counselor at Wilderness Adventure at Eagle Landing in New Castle, Virginia, a volunteer instructor at Tom Brown’s Wilderness Survival School in New Jersey and a guest fire-making instructor at Vickie Shufer’s Outdoor Skills Weekends at First Landing State Park in Virginia Beach, Virginia.  Niki also created a Native Skills class for Amherst County public school’s New Horizons summer enrichment program.



Tara is not only an extremely talented face painter, she’s also our resident Henna guru, and mixes the best henna blend around! Tara’s been face painting professionally with Niki since 2009, and slinging henna even longer.

Tara’s true talent however, lies in the design and creation of Native American powwow regalia and historical costuming. A remarkable seamstress, Tara’s competition powwow designs have been seen as far away as MT, SD, OK, TX, Canada and even Denmark! Tara’s intuition for design and color has earned her numerous awards and accolades in a variety of mediums, including textiles, acrylics, oils, wood burning and sculpture. In addition to visual arts, Tara is also an accomplished singer/songwriter and has been singing and playing guitar in local rock bands since the age of fifteen. An avid writer, Tara is currently completing her first science fiction novel, co-authored with none other than Wild Child owner, Niki Rowland. Oh– and don’t forget to ask Tara about her adventures in ghosthunting with Seven Hills Paranormal Society!



You may see Sara at any of our larger festivals or events.  Sara is a gifted artist and has recently opened her own etsy store for her work.  Check back for a more complete bio, coming soon!



Our gate-keeper and line manager extraordinaire for our festival booth, Karen will help you decide what face or design you really want while keeping everyone in the line entertained and happy.  She might even bring you an umbrella or a cool drink of water on a hot day.  Thanks Karen!  More complete bio soon!



Miss Kellee is our newest recruit!  Bio coming soon!



HA! We were just wondering if you were still browsing our bios.  Ned is just one really cool cat.





While not a part of Wild Child Face & Body Art, the following entertainers come highly recommended by us for their expertise, skills, professionalism and great attitudes!  We don’t recommend just anyone!  We figure since we like them so much, you probably will too!  Please don’t forget to mention where you heard about them!


Looking for a BALLOON TWISTER?  Take a look at Balloon Dude Travis

(link ).  He’s got a great big smile, and can twist the most impossible creations anywhere.



Check out Jed Mickle. (link ) He’s been doodling since he could pick up a crayon (unconfirmed guess), and his work is simply amazing.  He’s also created comic books and other cool stuff.


Looking for a CLOWN?

Sunshine the Clown (link ) is our fave!  She’s not the scary type, instead, she’s an adorable raggedy ann-type clown who is gentle with the littlest ones while being silly and witty with the older ones.  Sunshine loves to create name art and is sure to bring stickers and treats for everyone!