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Belly Painting & Casting

Pregnancy is a wonder-ful time in a mother’s life that comes and goes quickly.  The expectant mom’s tummy is a perfect canvas for a painted or henna design that can depict her love, hopes and dreams for her child. Sacred or funny, silly or sincere, the first photo in any baby’s album should be a beautifully decorated belly.

Belly casts capture a tangible memory of this fleeting time that can be preserved and shared for years to come. Creating a belly cast can be a fun group activity for a baby shower, a loving craft shared between partners or a sacred event central to a birth Blessingway.  Casts can include bellies, hands, shoulders, and breasts.  You can decorate the cast yourself, or we can decorate for you to your specifications.

Want to do it yourself? Click here for belly casting tips and hints.